When there’s trouble with their home’s heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) system, it can be anything from annoying to serious. But how do they know when to call in professionals for help in Weston, FL, instead of trying to fix things themselves? Let’s go over five signs that show when they should contact a residential HVAC contractor in Weston right away.

Their Whole HVAC System Stops Working: If their entire HVAC system stops running—no heating, cooling, or fans—it’s a big problem. It could mean something major has gone wrong, like:

  • The compressor has failed.
  • There’s an electrical issue.
  • The gas valve isn’t working right.
  • The blower motor is burnt out.

Trying to fix these problems themselves when the system has shut down completely might not be safe. It’s better to get professional help right away.

Carbon Monoxide Leak: If their carbon monoxide detector suddenly goes off, they might have a leak from their furnace, water heater, or another gas appliance. Carbon monoxide is dangerous because it’s odorless and colorless. If they ignore the alarm, it could be really dangerous. They should take action right away.

Burning Smell Coming from the Unit: If they notice a burning smell coming from their HVAC system, it’s not good news. It could be because of:

  • An electrical problem.
  • Something blocking the air intake.
  • The motor isn’t working right.
  • A fan belt is broken.

Ignoring the smell could lead to bigger problems or even a fire hazard. They should get help from a professional to fix it.

No Heat in Winter: If their furnace suddenly stops making warm air when it’s cold outside, they’re in trouble. Being in the cold for too long can be dangerous, and it could cause problems like freezing pipes that burst and flood their home. They should get help right away to fix their furnace.

It’s really important not to ignore these warning signs from their HVAC system. If they notice their system has completely stopped working, there’s a carbon monoxide leak, a burning smell, no heat in winter, or any other unusual sounds, they should call professionals for instant repair.